Student Awards

Michael Jay Jedel Award in Human Resource Management

This scholarship is named in honor of Michael Jay Jedel, a former associate dean of the Robinson College of Business and director of the W.T.Beebe Institute of Personnel and Employment Relations. It is presented annually to an M.S. or M.B.A. student who exhibits high standards of academic achievement, strong commitment to the human resources field, and outstanding leadership potential.

The William P. Key Scholarship

The William P. Key Scholarship was established in honor of the late William P. “Bill” Key in recognition of his outstanding contribution and support to the Beebe Institute. The scholarship is awarded annually to the student who has demonstrated superior academic performance in the Personnel and Employment Relations Master’s program. No application is required.

The William T. Rutherford Scholarship

The William T.Rutherford scholarship is an annual scholarship. Applications may be made through the W.T. Beebe Institute of Personnel and Employment Relations by January 31.

Atlanta Engineering Personnel Association

Awarded to a master’s level student in human resource management, this scholarship is presented to the student with a high GPA, significant work experience in human resources and a commitment to the human resources field. It is presented by the Atlanta Engineering Personnel Association.


Master’s Students

Master’s students may qualify for two types of financial aid: scholarships and graduate research assistantships (GRAs).  Both are based on academic and other qualifications.

The GRA exempts students from half or the full tuition (in-state or out-of-state), depending on the number of hours worked and amount of stipend received per term.  In the Managerial Sciences Department, GRAs are generally required to work 8-10 hours per week during the class weeks of a semester in order to receive a half tuition waiver; they also receive a small stipend for fall or spring.  The GRA is generally renewed on a semester-by-semester basis, but with the possibility of multiple semester commitments.  Reduced summer GRA’s are occasionally offered as well.

Doctoral Students

The Institute provides financial aid to doctoral students in two forms: graduate research assistantships (GRAs) and graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs).  The amount of the award is based on academic qualifications, particularly GMAT scores and undergraduate and/or graduate level GPA.

Persons who wish to apply for scholarships and graduate research assistantships should contact the Institute Director by telephone or letter after they have been formally admitted to the program.  Awards are made on a case-by-case basis.  Scholarship and GRA opportunities are limited and highly competitive.


Internship/Employment Referral

The Beebe Institute offers resume referral services for both internships and permanent full and part time employment positions with Atlanta area businesses for interested masters students.

Students placed in internship positions have found the experience to be a practical, tangible opportunity to put their classroom knowledge to work. Students have been placed in internships at companies such as Gerogia-Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Deloitte& Touche, Northern Telecom, MCI and Fannie Mae. An internship provides no credit towards the completion of a master’s degree; rather, its primary purpose is to provide the student with job experience and, secondarily, a source of additional income. The rate of pay, hours of work, and job responsibilities are all negotiated between the student and the company.

Students are notified by email of job and internship openings.