Personnel and Human Resources Research Group (PHRRG) Conference

The Beebe Institute recently hosted the annual conference of the Personnel and Human Resources Research Group (PHRRG–pronounced “frog”). PHRRG is an international group of select researchers who conduct work in the area of human resource management and areas related to people at work. This group of scholars holds a meeting once per year (since 1987) that focuses on work in progress, networking, and idea development. Included in the international membership are leading researchers in the field. Many hold endowed chairs, serve as premier journal editors, are university administrators, and are leaders in their professional organizations. The prestigious event has been hosted by universities such as Purdue, Maryland, Michigan State, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas A&M, and Rice University. This year, the Beebe Institute within the Robinson College hosted this event for the first time ever at Georgia State University. It was held at GSU’s Buckhead Center.

Members of the GSU Panther PAW (People at Work) Research Interest Group were in attendance at this two-day event. This included PAW faculty from departments such as Risk Management/Legal Studies, Managerial Sciences, International Business, and Accounting. Topics of the research-oriented presentations included issues such as the dark side of employment interviewing, the changing nature of work since 1975, counterproductive work behavior, involuntary turnover, new ideas in mental measurement technology, effects of performance management on organizational performance, and refinement of statistical analyses in research.

Beebe’s director Todd Maurer stated that “this event is an example of how we at Robinson build connections and relationships across the research community, both inside and outside of the college of business. In our research and teaching at RCB in the area of people at work, we strive to be at the leading edge while being practice-relevant — this kind of event can provide a forum for our faculty and other top researchers to interact, share ideas, build relationships, and improve ongoing research in this area of business.”